26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (2024)

The barndominiumtrend has exploded in recent years, and they have become a more than viable option for those of us in love with rustic country homes and interiors.

Each barndominium has its own unique features, and with a little renovation, you can turn it into a space you love. Many people use these buildings as a second home, however, in recent years, with the growth of tiny homes and small-scale living, barndominiums are still attracting the younger (and older) generations.

Live out your house fantasy

Enjoy some interior design inspiration & decorating ideas, with these 26 Barndominium decorating Ideas.

25+ Barndominium Interior Ideas:

Quick Look

    1. Minimal Aesthetics
    2. Simplistic Wooden Barn Doors
    3. Bright Eclectic Character
    4. Repurposed Barndominium Decor
    5. Barn Lofts and Metal Ceiling
    6. Barndominium Kitchen Interiors
    7. Classic Country Charm
    8. Aqua pastels with repurposed style
    9. Serene color splash
    10. Rustic Fireplace in barndominium
    11. Expand the Appearance
    12. Rich Warm Colors in Barn
    13. Lodge Design Aesthetic
    14. Barn Loft in Barndominium
    15. Rustic Stone and Wood Features
    16. Wooden Bathroom Floor
    17. Barndominium Double Front Doors
    18. Soft wooden Neutrals
    19. Illuminate with Pendant lights
    20. Elevate your kitchen Corner
    21. Define minimal Characteristics
    22. Modern Rustic Furnishings
    23. Eco-friendly Barndominium
    24. Aged Natural Materials
    25. Natural Rustic elements
    26. Barndominium Architectural Salvage

1. Minimal Aesthetics

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (1)

Evoke a balance of minimalism with barndominium living room ideas that feature the rustic charm that ignites the renovated barn. Clean white aesthetic elements illuminate the barn room with sheer elegance.

The classic features mainly involve basic design choices and materials to add a rustic character to the retreat. Slat walls are painted in crisp white tones to contrast the dark wooden floors.

2. Simplistic Wooden Barn Doors

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (2)

Barndominium decorating ideas involve introducing traditional wooden barn doors to lead up to the classic living room. These are the perfect rustic alternative to classic french doors. They don’t occupy any extra space and bring in abundant sunshine and fresh air.

Inject in some simplistic black elements to add a stylish outdoor touch. They bring in shape without overwhelming the all-white room.

3. Bright Eclectic Character

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (3)

Modern Barndominium design ideas include renovating a country classic barn and elevating it into a modern design. Keep the space bright and airy with white curtains and white shiplap walls. The bright illuminating design is a departure from the cozy minimal tones usually found in a barn's interiors. Evoke a tastefully minimal flavor with wooden barn doors.

4. Repurposed Barndominium Decor

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (4)

Decorating Ideas for a barndominium involves experimenting with furniture mixed with industrial metal frames and organic material. You can repurpose a wire basket into a wire shelving unit that you may find out in your farm chic decor.

Create a focal point in your room with a large wall clock that is simple in design. Elegant silver baskets resemble the galvanized buckets that can add more rustic character. Add more life to space with green foliage touches.

5. Barn lofts and Metal Ceiling

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (5)

Don’t lose the character of the classic barndominium, utilize the architecture and structure to introduce an incredibly flawless space. With the assistance of the vaulted ceilings, the wooden interior would not appear dark and cramped.

Introduce a focal point for barndominium conversation with barn lofts. Metal railing adds a rustic element to the classic wooden aesthetics. The traditional barn hosts plenty of open space that can be used very well in a modern barndominium.

6. Barndominium Kitchen Interiors

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (6)

A large kitchen is a crucial component in a barndominium home. Introduce bar stools, butcher block counters to promote the concept of your kitchen being a rustic communal space. You can add a pop of color to your bar stools.

The counters imbibe the rich wooden tones that are exposed on the beams throughout the rustic home. Your vaulted ceiling may support a barn loft that injects more character and vintage style into your kitchen.

7. Classic Country Charm

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (7)

The addition of an open room family plan from the kitchen to the living room may add warmth, coziness, and style to the barndominium. Homeowners take good advantage of the open floors, traditionally a part of a barn to zone their space.

White wooden boards for the wall may add more intrigue to the beautiful barndominium along with exposed beams. Abundant natural light entering from the windows and bright ceilings make the space more airy and open.

8. Aqua pastels with repurposed style

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (8)

Decorate your barndominium with light muted pastels that introduce ease along with the cool hues. The green and blues add more intrigue and element of a classic country home style aesthetic. You can repurpose a trunk and wire basket to add more style that is super useful for storage.

Wooden elements like these are staples in a classic rustic home. Injecting your rustic space with some greenery can bring more freshness and positivity into space.

9. Serene color splash

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (9)

You can still have colored walls even if you are going to live in a classic barndominium. Wood panel walls are a necessary element but you can swap a little bit to add a modern feel of relaxation and serenity. It's pretty likely for the living room to feel a bit cramped as the beams hang lower than the ceiling. You can paint the beams and ceiling white to introduce a rich, bright, and airy space.

10. Rustic fireplace in Barndominium

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (10)

Create a focal point in your living room with a rustic fireplace that hosts a classic mantel. A fireplace can add more warmth and character to space, contributing to the rustic scheme of the barndominium. Natural light is reflected throughout the room via the windows and the bright wall colors. Keep the interior decor to the minimum to highlight the other elements present in the room.

11. Expand the Appearance

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (11)

Large barn conversions feature a common open floor plan in the family room and the kitchen. Such rooms have the element of light-toned scheme beginning from the ceiling to the furniture. The monochromatic scheme makes the space feel larger and airy. Farmhouse country kitchens feature the common character of a rustic kitchen with reflecting glass cabinets and open shelving.

12. Rich Warm Colors in Barn

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (12)

The introduction of the light-toned neutrals of the upholstered furniture is well suited with the rich warm textured reds in the throw blanket and the colorful bar stools. Setting up the glass cabinets in front of the window assists you in expanding the space. Plenty of windows present inside the barndominium lets the room shine with natural light and freshness.

13. Lodge Design Aesthetic

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (13)

Barndominium decorating ideas utilize a classic lodge design aesthetic to build a cozy and comfortable home. Different wooden tones are known to add depth and keep the barn spacious. A barndominium features a lot of wooden elements like the floors, ceilings, beams, railings, cabinets.

To keep the design from being too overwhelming the homeowner considers to stain the wood into different stains or use different wood species.

14. Barn Loft in Barndominium

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (14)

Create a classic rustic living room with the traditional barn loft that overlooks the communal area of the kitchen. The lighter finish of the floor is an excellent contrast to the darker kitchen island.

You need not remove the grand barn features to make the space liveable as these features can add more character and depth to your space. Hanging down a ceiling pendant light can illuminate the classic barndominium with a modern feel.

15. Rustic Stone and Wood Features

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (15)

Create a vintage touch in your barndominium by adding a rustic wall in your living room that already features the wooden floor planks. Construct an archway that leads to the bathroom from the living room with a classic rustic fireplace in between. The common theme of open airflow, light, and minimalist design is continued in the whole barndominium.

16. Wooden Bathroom Floor

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (16)

Contrary to the believed fact you can have a hard floor in your bathroom with easy maintenance. You can achieve this by adding additional layers of varnish to seal the wooden floor. Place a very absorbent bath mat to keep the wooden floor protected.

17. Barndominium Double Front Doors

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (17)

Barndominium double front doors are quite common in interior designs for these rustic spaces. These doors add rustic character to space as they meet in the middle to form an insightful sunburst pattern. They are typically made from rustic-aged wood. Both the pergola and the barn doors feature olive green paneling that blends in well with the weathered wood.

18. Soft Wooden Neutrals

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (18)

New England home decor is featured well in the custom rustic barndominium design. Let the soft neutral of the wooden furniture pair well with the weathered and aged wood pieces. You can opt for keeping your wooden floor in muted wood tone with a hint of grey tinge rather than the rustic orange tones that we usually discover in barndominiums.

Lend a rustic texture to your barndominium with a fireplace that extends from the ceiling to the floor, accented with a wooden beam mantel.

19. Illuminate with pendant lights

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (19)

Mirror the long lines of your home via the assistance of the cathedral-style beams. These beams highlight the vaulted ceilings of the classic barndominium. You can illuminate your home with warmth, light, and charm by suspending ceiling lights from the ceiling.

You can also opt for a sliding kitchen door that adds a contemporary touch to your otherwise vintage-style home. Make the space more airy, fresh, and open with large windows. Surround your living room with rustic furniture to add more wooden elements.

20. Elevate your Kitchen Corner

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (20)

Elevate the country decor of a classic kitchen to another level by opting for a large table instead of a traditional kitchen island. Consider going in for a table with a carved design on the legs while keeping the bottom space open.

The open space can be super useful for storing wire baskets and copper pots that are functional and equally decorative. Exhibit dark to neutral color tones in your kitchen to bring life to the neutral color palette.

21. Define minimal characteristics

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (21)

Classic barndominium comprises elements like steel frames and sheet metal. To stand well with these elements you can introduce a sheet metal roof. Accent the dark wood siding with stunning white frame windows.

To bring more sophistication to space, keep things straight and minimal. The warm natural elements are wrapped around tailored shapes and clean lines. Place a built-in corner shelf with original bark intact to keep things raw and natural.

22. Modern Rustic Furnishings

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (22)

Bring in a rich design aesthetic of light color palette with dark wooden beams to create a blended contrast in the structure of the home. You can preferably add rich-colored hardwood floors that feature shades of red tones.

The bedroom has double barn doors that have been painted in neutral tones to match with the white paneled walls. The pendant lights add eclectic elegance to the room along with a richly rustic touch.

23. Eco-friendly Barndominium

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (23)

Create a sustainable and eco-friendly home that hosts traditional barn features along with a barn loft with industrial steel cable railing. You can set up a spiral custom-designed staircase to fit the space.

Pull in the industrial raw aesthetic into the walls. Separate the rooms with a separator that has been made from reclaimed steel roofing panels. Lush indoor plants and trees will keep the room bright and fresh.

24. Aged Natural Materials

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (24)

Surround yourself with the rustic beauty of aged natural elements. Create a cozy window-wrapped sunroom with a combination of reclaimed wooden plank ceiling and extended stone walls.

Set the rustic classic barndominium scene with a wooden plank floor stained in a lighter shade to avoid overwhelming the space with wood. White leafy motifs on the pillows can bring in some pattern and elegant appeal to the home.

25. Natural Rustic Elements

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (25)

Get inspired with these barndominium decorating ideas to add a modern touch to your barn with a field-stone half wall and a classic fireplace surround. For the mantel, you may prefer to use a reclaimed beam that has been repurposed.

Top the mantel with antiques and gold accents like an iron gate, crockery, and pots. Give your barn a rustic aesthetic with a stone foundation and red-toned walls.

26. Barndominium Architectural Salvage

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (26)

Bring instance texture and age to your living room with peely and chippy architectural salvage. Repurpose weathered sheet metal siding and window frames that are chippy to bring the ‘rust’ in rustic.

Add a massive fireplace, red wooden floor, and a cozy braided rug to bring life to the rich barndominium ling space. Complement the room with industrial bar stools and elegant pendant light.

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas (2024)
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