How To Make Fortune on YouTube Like The Infographics Show - Explainer Video & Whiteboard Animation Company (2024)


What happens when you die? This explainer video has over 21 million views and is the most popular one The Infographics Show has made yet. It also boasts the highest engagement rate, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to know what will happen to us after we die?

This animated explainer video is just one of the many that The Infographic show creates on a regular basis. Just shy of 2 billion views, this channel is a go-to for teachers, students, and the curious public who’s looking for answers to questions we don’t even think about!

The Infographic Show was created by Andrej Preston back in 2011 and has since garnered almost 8 million subscribers! But the road to success is always bumpy before it gets smoother, so let’s see how The Infographics Show rose above the situation and got to the place they are today.


The Infographics Show is driven by the motivation to create educational content and share it with the world, but not before adding its own twist to it. Instead of going down the road that was already made, they created their own path and delivered their content through animated explainer videos!

In their own words, “The Infographics Show focuses on making animated motion infographic videos, made in a fun and entertaining way.”

They capitalized on the popularity of animations and molded their content accordingly so that it’s appealing to all age groups. Let’s be honest, nobody watched educational content willingly. But they do if The Infographics Show made it! That’s the power of animation.

This explainer video company dances to its own beat and is one of the few channels that’s invested in creating educational explainer videos!

The Sauce of Success

Hard work does pay off, and The Infographics Show proved it! 9 years of creating animated explainer videos led the YouTube Channel to be worth a whopping $11 million! To think you can create a fortune through animated explainer videos is amazing.

All of their content is completely free for their viewers, so they generate their income through sponsorships and ad revenue.

Their Ritual

The Infographics Show attracts new users through every video they post. The secret to their millions of followers and billions of views is that they religiously post 2 explainer videos every day! Yes, you heard that right.

This practice has been going on for years and it’s really astounding how they’ve managed to create and upload videos twice every day. That’s 14 animated explainer videos in one week! To put it into perspective, a single 2-minute animation, video can take up to 3-4 weeks. That’s some hardcore dedication right there!

Interesting Context

From history lessons to debunking popular beliefs, The Infographic Show will make a video on just about anything. They pique the viewer’s interest with bizarre explainer videos like, “All crime is legal in this United States area.” That’s the purge in real life!

They even cover medical topics. Have you ever wondered if you could perform surgery with a spoon and… a coat hanger? A mind can wander, right?

It’s by creating motion graphics explainer videos on questions that we can’t think of, that this YouTube channel is where it is today. Need content on Space science? Crime? Survival? Their channel is the place to be!

Engaging Content

All of the YouTube videos that The Infographics Show creates are animated. Very smart of them as it is one of the highest forms of engagement! Also, who doesn’t like a throwback to their childhood once in a while?

Their animations are vibrant with smooth transitions that hook the viewer at first glance. A powerful and clear voice-over accompanies those animations as the video progresses with the story. Not to mention, the content they feature in their videos will make your eyes bulge with surprise as questions race through your mind!

Even if you’re watching their videos for fun, you will still be left perplexed and start wondering about your existence and the happenings of this world.

The content, animation, and voice-over are the key ingredients to the engagement recipe which ensures that readers are glued to your screen as they scroll through one video after the other.

Final Words

Over the years, The Infographic Show has built a strong and loyal customer base through their consistency in producing quality content and delivering it in the best way possible, aka, animated explainer videos.

With the pace they’re publishing content, it looks and smells like they have a reserve of more exciting educational videos just waiting to see the light of the day and are nowhere near slowing down. They answer questions we can only dare to think, and that’s what makes this YouTube channel so attractive!

Now, if you want to know what happens if a bird hits a plane, head on to their channel right now!

How To Make Fortune on YouTube Like The Infographics Show - Explainer Video & Whiteboard Animation Company (2024)
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