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Hebrew and Jewish boy names offer a rich blend of history and cultural significance. These names are not just labels; they often help to forge a sense of identity and connection to one's heritage. From biblical figures to modern-day heroes, Hebrew and Jewish names have a strong presence in many cultures—so be prepared to recognize many of them! Keep reading to discover some popular and familiar Hebrew boy names, as well as unique, modern, strong, and biblical options for your baby boy.

What’s the Difference Between Hebrew Names and Jewish Names?

Hebrew names have their roots in the Hebrew language and are commonly used by Jews. Jewish names, on the other hand, can refer to any name used by Jews, including Hebrew names as well as names from other languages and cultures. For example, Elijah is a common Hebrew name among Jewish individuals, while Isidore is a Jewish name with Greek origins.

Popular Hebrew Boy Names

You may be surprised to know that many names used in English-speaking countries are actually of Hebrew origin. So, take a look at our list of popular Hebrew boy names that you’re sure to recognize.1. Noah. At the top of our list is the biblical Hebrew boys’ name Noah. It means “rest” or “comfort” and is a popular choice for parents who want a classic yet modern name for their baby boy. Noah was the second most popular male name choice in the United States last year.2. Elijah. Elijah is another biblical Hebrew name that means “my God is Yahweh,” and it's a good option if you’re looking for a strong and powerful name for your little boy.3. Benjamin. Meaning “son of the right hand” in Hebrew, Benjamin is a timeless boys’ name that has been popular for centuries.4. Levi. The Hebrew male name Levi has seen a big rise in popularity in recent years. It means “attached” or “joined.”5. Michael. Meaning “Who is like God?” (a rhetorical question), this popular Hebrew boys’ name has become a classic choice in many countries. In the Bible, Michael is an archangel, known as being a protector of Israel and a leader of heaven’s armies. A modern Hebrew form of this boys’ name is Mikhael.6. Ethan. Ethan is another popular Hebrew boys’ name that means “strong” or “firm.” You could choose Ethan if you want to instill confidence and resilience in your child.7. Samuel. This is a friendly and classic name that means “God heard.” It's been popular among parents for generations and offers the cute options of Sam and Sammy.8. Jacob. Another classic and popular Hebrew boys’ name is Jacob, meaning “supplanter.” It has been a favorite for generations but saw its largest peak in popularity in the late 90s in the United States.9. Asher. Asher is a cute and trendy Hebrew boys’ name that means “happy” or “fortunate.” It has risen in popularity in recent years. 10. Ezra. This adorable and cool Hebrew name for boys means “help” or “helper.” It's a fantastic option if you want your son's name to convey kindness and empathy.

Unique and Rare Hebrew Boy Names

If you liked those popular Hebrew boy names but want something a bit more uncommon and unique, we’ve found some interesting options to help inspire you:11. Arieh. Arieh is a unique Hebrew boys’ name that means “lion.” In Jewish tradition, the lion is a symbol of strength, courage, and leadership, so it's no wonder that Arieh is a popular name for boys.12. Aviv. With its lovely meaning of “spring,” Aviv is an appealing choice for a springtime baby.13. Benesh. If you want a rare Jewish boys’ name, consider Benesh, which is the Yiddish form of Benedict, meaning “blessed.” It might be a unique way to honor any family member named Benedict.14. Hallel. You’ll certainly praise the arrival of your baby boy, so why not pick a name that simply means “praise” in Hebrew? This Hebrew boys’ name is also the name of a Jewish prayer.15. Isidore. Isidore is actually a Greek boys’ name, meaning “gift of Isis” (Isis being an Egyptian goddess). However, this name has been a common choice for Jewish boys throughout history.16. Lior. This gender-neutral name is a pretty common Hebrew and Israeli boy name; however, it’s less common elsewhere in the world. It has a beautiful meaning: “my light.”17. Sender. Are you looking for unique alternatives to classic names? If so, choose Sender, the Jewish form of Alexander, meaning “defender of the people.” 18. Shalom. Usually used as a greeting in Hebrew, this beautiful name means “peace” and is perfect for a quiet and calm baby boy. 19. Uriel. Meaning “God is my light,” this unique boys’ name belonged to an archangel in Hebrew tradition.20. Zusman. This rare Jewish boys’ name has the adorable meaning of “sweet man” in Yiddish.

More Unique and Rare Hebrew Boy Names

Are you a big fan of unique baby names? Well, feast your eyes on these unusual and rare Hebrew boy names:

Check out our video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Modern Hebrew Boy Names

Modern Hebrew boy names often have unique and meaningful origins. They frequently reflect the rich history and culture of the Jewish people while also incorporating modern trends and styles. Whether you're looking for something timeless or trendy, modern Hebrew boy names offer a wealth of possibilities to explore.31. Aviel. The boys’ name Aviel is the modern Hebrew form of Abiel, meaning “God is my father.” The letter V gives it a unique and trendy vibe for any little boy.32. Azaria. This modern-sounding Hebrew boys’ name has become a unique gender-neutral choice in English-speaking countries. It means “Yahweh has helped,” and we can’t resist that trendy letter Z in the name.33. Eden. Another gender-neutral Hebrew name is Eden, meaning “pleasure” and “delight.” You’ll probably recognize it as the name of the garden where Adam and Eve first lived in the biblical story. It’s a pretty and modern Hebrew name for a baby boy.34. Gil. Meaning “joy” and “happiness,” Gil is the perfect name to capture the arrival of your delightful baby boy. And if you like Spanish baby boy names, you could go with Gil, a Spanish and Portuguese name meaning “young goat.”35. Irving. While Irving is not actually a Jewish boys’ name, it has frequently been used by Jewish Americans. In fact, Irving is a Scottish boys’ name from the name of a Scottish town and river. It may not be very modern, but we all know the old-fashioned names are making big comebacks!36. Osher. This trendy and modern-sounding Hebrew name has the beautiful meaning of “happiness,” which is certainly what your baby boy will bring to your home.37. Ronen. Will you be singing for joy at the arrival of your baby boy? Ronen, which sounds similar to the Irish name Ronan, means “song” and “joy” in Hebrew. 38. Tuvya. Tuvya is the modern Hebrew form of Tobiah, meaning “Yahweh is good.”39. Velvel. This Jewish boys’ name, with its trendy double V, also has the cute meaning of “little wolf” in Yiddish.40. Yonah. The Hebrew boys’ name Yonah is a form of familiar Jonah, meaning “dove,” and is frequently used as a gender-neutral name in modern Hebrew.

More Modern Hebrew Boy Names

If you’re looking for a classic name with a trendy spin, there's sure to be a modern Hebrew boy name on our list that captures your heart.

Strong Hebrew Boy Names

If you're searching for something that exudes strength and power, Hebrew boy names are an excellent option. Here are some powerful boy names with strong meanings, sounds, or namesakes to reflect your little one’s inner strength and character.51. Adir. If you’re looking for a Hebrew boys’ name that means “strong,” here it is! Adir means both “strong” and “mighty” and is also a name used for God in the Hebrew Bible.52. Amos. Although Amos is also a cute and biblical Hebrew boys’ name, we couldn’t resist adding it to our list of strong names. It belonged to one of the 12 minor prophets of the Old Testament and the author of the Book of Amos, in which Amos advocated for the poor and oppressed. Maybe your little one will be a strong advocate for what they believe in.53. Barak. Do you want a strong and electric Hebrew boys’ name? Well, Barak means “lightning” in Hebrew and was the name of a military commander in the Old Testament who was guided by the prophetess Deborah. You might recognize this name from the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. 54. Eyal. This short and strong Hebrew boys’ name simply means “might” and “strength.”55. Hadar. Hadar has a strong and determined sound and means “splendor” and “glory.”56. Hershel. Do you want a strong and wholesome Jewish boys’ name? Hershel may be a great option with its old-fashioned vibe! It means “deer” and may actually have come from a German surname. If you like this name, you may like our list of German boy names.57. Miron. This name comes from Mount Meron, one of the highest mountains in Israel. What could be stronger and mightier than a mountain?!58. Oz. In Hebrew, Oz means “strength.” It’s also an English name that’s commonly a short form of Oswald or Osborn, meaning “powerful god.” With any luck, this short and cool name can lend strength of heart and mind to your baby boy.59. Saar. Saar is a unique and strong Hebrew boys’ name that means “storm.”60. Saul. The name of the first king of Israel in the Bible, Saul is a strong and dignified name that means “prayed for.” It was also the original name of the apostle Paul. A famous namesake includes the author Saul Bellow, whose family was Lithuanian-Jewish.

More Strong Hebrew Boy Names

Whether you're looking for a male Hebrew name that conveys power, bravery, or wisdom, you're sure to find inspiration here:

Hebrew Biblical Boy Names

Hebrew boy names often have biblical roots, with many stemming from stories of revered figures. Whether you are looking for a name with spiritual significance or simply appreciate the beauty of the Hebrew language and culture, you have plenty of biblical baby names to choose from.71. Aaron. Interestingly, the origins of this male name are somewhat unknown, with some saying it’s a Hebrew name meaning “high mountain” or “exalted,” while others say it’s from Ancient Egypt. Either way, Aaron is a popular biblical name and belonged to the brother of Moses, who became the first high priest of the Israelites.72. Abraham. Meaning “father of many,” Abraham is known as the biblical patriarch and father of the Jewish people. This strong Hebrew and Jewish boys’ name was also borne by the former US President Abraham Lincoln. 73. Adam. The name Adam is of Hebrew origin and means “man” or “earth.” In the Bible, Adam is the first man created by God and the progenitor of humanity. The name has remained popular throughout history and is still widely used today. 74. Binyamin. Can you guess what name this is the Hebrew form of? That’s right; it’s Benjamin! This popular biblical boys’ name means “son of the south” or “son of the right hand” and belonged to a founder of the southern tribes of the Hebrews.75. Eli. Eli is a biblical Hebrew boys’ name that means “ascension.” In the Bible, Eli was a high priest and judge who served as a mentor to the prophet Samuel.76. Ira. If you’re looking for a sweet biblical name, this Hebrew boys’ name, meaning “watchful,” might be the one for you. In the Old Testament, it belonged to one of King David’s mighty warriors. A famous bearer of this name is the American novelist Ira Levin.77. Isaac. Your home will be filled with laughter and joy once your little one arrives—so why not pick a name that reflects that? Isaac means “to laugh” and “to rejoice,” and it belonged to the long-awaited son of Sarah and Abraham in the Bible.78. Nathan. Meaning “he gave,” Nathan is a popular biblical Hebrew boys’ name that remains fresh today. It belonged to a prophet during the reign of King David in the Old Testament.79. Solomon. Originating from the Hebrew word Shalom and meaning “peace,” Solomon is a classic biblical boys’ name belonging to a king of Israel, known for his wisdom. A famous bearer of this name was Solomon Burke, an influential soul singer known as the “King of Rock ‘n’ Soul.”80. Zion. In the Old Testament, Zion was often used to refer to the city of Jerusalem, Israel, and heaven. It means “highest point,” and its short spelling and beginning letter Z give it a trendy vibe.

More Hebrew Biblical Boy Names

Here are even more biblical Hebrew names for you to enjoy:

Cute Hebrew Names for Boys

There are so many adorable Hebrew names to choose from. With everything from cute diminutives to charming meanings, these Hebrew boy names will win your heart.91. Adi. If you’re looking for a cute and playful Hebrew boys’ name, Adi is just that. And it means “jewel,” which is perfect for a precious baby boy.92. Alon. This sweet Hebrew boys’ name means “oak tree,” and if you love that nature-inspired meaning, know that Alon is also a Filipino boys’ name meaning “wave.”93. Ber. Can you guess what this sweet Jewish boys’ name means? It means “bear” in Yiddish. In addition to the cute meaning, there’s just something so adorable about one-syllable names.94. Chen. If you want a Hebrew boys’ name meaning “grace,” go with Chen, which means “grace” and “charm.” This cute Hebrew boy and girls’ name is almost too charming to resist. And it’s also a Chinese boys’ name that means “morning.”95. Gai. This short and sweet Hebrew boys’ name has a big meaning: “valley.” It’s also a variant of the name Guy but with a unique and cool spelling.96. Idan. Are you ready to enter a new era with your baby boy in your life? Mark this special occasion with the sweet name Idan, meaning “era.”97. Kfir. Hear your little boy roar with this adorable Hebrew name, meaning “lion cub.”98. Lev. There’s little cuter than a name that simply means “heart.” Lev is also a Russian boys’ name that means “lion.” So, put the meanings together, and your baby boy has a “lionheart!”99. Noy. Simply meaning “beauty,” Noy is a sweet and gender-neutral name for your baby boy.100. Ori. There’s no doubt that your baby boy will be the light of your life. So, here’s a great Hebrew name for boys, meaning “my light.”

More Cute Hebrew Names for Boys

Can’t resist these adorable Hebrew names for boys and their meanings? Here are even more:

Top Israeli Boy Names

If you enjoy checking out the latest baby name trends from around the world, we’ve compiled a list most popular boy names in Israel from recent years.

111. David. The name David has strong Biblical origins and is derived from the Hebrew name Dawid, which means “beloved.” It has been a common name in the United States and many other countries throughout the years, largely attributed to King David, a figure of great importance in the Hebrew Bible. Some other famous Davids include British broadcaster and biologist David Attenborough, musician David Bowie, and soccer player David Beckham.112. Lavi. Ranking number two in Israel, this short and cool Hebrew boys’ name means “lion.”113. Ariel. This gender-neutral name means “lion of God” and is often associated with the character from Shakespeare's play The Tempest. You may also think of the character from Disney's Little Mermaid. 114. Yosef. Meaning “God will add,” this name is commonly used in Israel and is associated with the biblical figure Joseph, son of Jacob.115. Noam. Meaning “pleasantness,” this Hebrew boys’ name could be a good one to bless your baby with a kind and charming nature. The father of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky, is a famous bearer of this name.116. Uri. A short and sweet name meaning “my light,” Uri is a popular Hebrew name choice for baby boys in Israel.117. Rafael. This boys’ name means “God has healed” and is frequently found in Jewish, Spanish, and Portuguese cultures. It's a great option if you’re looking for a strong yet gentle-sounding name. 118. Ari. It’s no wonder this adorable name is among Israel’s list of top boy names; it’s cute, fun, and has the fierce meaning of “lion.” And what’s more, in Old Norse, it means “eagle,” and in Armenian, it means “brave.”119. Moshe. A classic Hebrew boys’ name meaning “drawn out of the water,” Moshe is a form of the classic biblical name Moses. In the biblical story, Moses led the Israelites into the Promised Land and received the 10 Commandments.120. Yehuda. Meaning “praised,” this Hebrew name is associated with the biblical tribe of Judah and is a popular choice for Jewish boys. Plus, it has some cute nickname options like Yudi or Jude!

More of the Top Israeli Boy Names

Here are 10 more top Israeli boy names for you to enjoy:

Even More Hebrew Boy Names

We’re keeping the list going with 50 more Hebrew Boy names, so you’re certainly set for excellent choices!

The Bottom Line

Choosing a name for your newborn baby boy is an important decision. If you're looking for a meaningful and unique name, Hebrew boy names are great options to consider. From traditional biblical names to modern variations, you’ll have plenty of choices! If you haven’t found out the gender of your little one yet, you might also want to peruse our list of Hebrew girl names.

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