12 Stunning Interior Design Styles to Beautify Your Florida Home (2024)

Do you watch HGTV and want to know your decorating style like those designers? Here is a breakdown of all of those popular Florida interior design styles.

Decorating your home is a fun process and also very challenging for many people. You can select your own interior design for your home, but many interior designers can do it for you. They have the knowledge and experience to help you design your home.

What is the Florida design style?

As far as interior design goes, you can incorporate a variety of design styles into your Florida home. You will see many of the styles in the Central Florida region and you will see more of a coastal vibe the closer you get to the beach.

Many of the modern homes in Florida include plenty of natural light, high ceilings, and open floor plans so it’s easier to create a consistent look throughout the main level of your home.

12 Florida Interior Design Trends

Let’s start get started with identifying some of the most popular decor styles and see if you see a trend based on what you like.

Popular Florida interior design styles include Modern Farmhouse, Coastal Design, Minimalism, Midcentury Modern, Scandinavian, Contemporary, Modern Rustic Industrial, Boho Chic, French Country, and Spanish Mediterranean.

Based on these styles don’t be super rigid in your design style because most people incorporate a couple that then blends together.Helping you to create your own masterpiece.

Modern Farmhouse

This is without a doubt one of the more popular modern styles available and relies on a natural theme, often leaning on wood or wooden patterns to create a more dressed up space.

Colors for this style include earthy greens, grays, and even warmer whites.

You can oscillate between industrial rustic elements and slightly dressed up glam elements to create a more modern look.

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12 Stunning Interior Design Styles to Beautify Your Florida Home (2)

Modern farmhouse styles include natural materials like an area rug made out of hemp, wool or jute.


For those who like to keep it simple, minimalist design is a neutral approach to creating a room. It relies on neutral colors and clean lines to keep a simple and organized look.

Many people like to use natural elements like houseplants plants, vases, art, and rugs to keep a room looking great without overdoing it. This approach relies on open space that allows a few key elements to shine.


Coastal design is generally built around neutral whites and grays, but often incorporates blues and sandy colors to give that perfect beach look.

Most people like to add coastal design elements, like anchors and seashells, while maintaining a neutral color scheme. It is a softer view of the beauty of the ocean.

Make sure you include tropical accents to create a beach vibe.

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Traditional design often looks different depending on the person. Rather than committing to a specific older style, it allows the person to pick a time period or a theme to create a better and more coherent look overall. Traditional rooms can look very different depending on the time period or theme chosen, as if you have stepped into a picture.


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This one allows you to mix, match and repurpose without committing to a specific style. This is more of a hybrid interior design and allows you to keep pieces that you loved for many years and infuse new pieces that have more of a trendy look. Love a sofa that you have had for years?Let’s say a Brown leather sofa. You can add more modern pieces like a coffee table, rugs, mirrors, and plant decor.

More of a timeless look so it does not take on a specific period. Mixing traditional with contemporary pieces that are casual and rounded edges for furnishings. Easily connected to Pottery Barn design style.

This could be in multiple design styles and steers away from trends. This design style allows you to include designs that are more structured around culture or a time period.

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Midcentury Modern

You will find furnishings inspired from pieces from the Late 1930 until 1950. Many of the pieces that have been updated still have clean lines, beautiful architectural design elements, color, patterns and texture.

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Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is a design approach that focuses on natural elements like woods and metals. It relies on natural textures and a more organic feel regarding how the furniture and design items are made, making it feel very human. You can dress a space up with earthy accessories or keep it open and clean.


Clean lines, neutrals, that allow the bold accent colors and open concepts throughout a space. You will notice softer edges in furnishings.

Modern Industrial

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12 Stunning Interior Design Styles to Beautify Your Florida Home (8)

Inclusive of raw materials, textures and natural colors. This style is often mixed with modern design style that mixes a bit more sophistication in the style. Many will reference it as Modern Rustic Design.

You can add color to the space with metallic accents.

Boho Chic

One of the most popular design styles, it is also one of the most eclectic. It combines items from the ’70s with newer pieces of today. This design maintains a neutral palette and normally you will find shades or orange and peaches as the accent color.

Not limited to only that color, but it is one of the identifiers. Also, you could find pieces of macrame to provide texture to the walls and tons of plants to bring in the natural element.


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12 Stunning Interior Design Styles to Beautify Your Florida Home (10)

Urban modern is a safer and more approachable take on futuristic styles. It is often clean and open, but instead of relying on harsh edges, it is soft and smooth.

People rely on deep colors in combination with whites and neutral grays for a more approachable look. You can sometimes add a splash of color in the form of a blanket, vibrant couch, or rug.

French Country

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12 Stunning Interior Design Styles to Beautify Your Florida Home (12)

French Country is a design approach that relies on French furniture and design elements with a soft and approachable feel. Many will use dressed up moldings or vintage furniture, then bring it together with yellows, deep reds, and neutral whites and tans to downplay some of the more unique elements.

Florida Interior Design

Hopefully, these quick tips will help guide you to identify and narrow down your personal design style. While also not limiting you to one specific. This will allow you to curate your personal design style.

Check in often to learn more about home decor and design. I’ve also got tips on how to design your kitchen and how to add natural elements to your home decor.

Moving to Florida?

If you’re planning a move to central Florida, I’d love to help you find your dream home around Orlando. As a real estate agent, I help clients search for new constructions and relocate to Florida in some of the best Florida communities. Contact me today!

12 Stunning Interior Design Styles to Beautify Your Florida Home (2024)


What is the Florida style of decorating? ›


Florida design often incorporates coastal elements such as seashells, coral, and other beachy accents. Nautical themes are also common.

What is the coziest interior design style? ›

What is the coziest decor style? Cozy decor styles include cottage-style, farmhouse, rustic, cabin-style, and traditional. But you can make any style room cozier with decor details like soft textures and colors, comfortable furniture, warm lighting, and wall decor.

What is the current interior design style called? ›

A contemporary interior style is the interior design aesthetic which is presently popular at any given time. The current look is best described as luxury modern. Furniture lines are clean and uncomplicated but finishes are integral, innovative and luxurious, creating a nonchalant and stylish dialogue.

How to style a Florida home? ›

Windows can take the place of wall decor and give rooms an airy, open feel. Light sheers or even no window treatments are best for bedrooms and family rooms. French doors also let the light in, and add some architectural appeal. Florida design can be modern, traditional, even a little bohemian.

What is a Florida house style? ›

Florida house styles are a unique blend of traditional and modern design elements. Characterized by open floor plans, high ceilings, and plenty of windows to let in natural light, Florida-style house plans are designed to take advantage of the warm climate and beautiful views.

What is a timeless look in interior design? ›

Embrace natural materials in your finishes, fixtures and furniture such as timbers, stone, marble, cottons, linens and wool. It is balance that is the essence of timeless interior design. By embracing timeless designs in your home, you are transcending trends and fads that will become old very quickly.

What is Kim Kardashian's home decor style? ›

While the ultra-minimalist design was the brainchild of ex-husband Kanye West and renowned architect Axel Vervoordt, Kardashian has kept up the zen feel of her all-neutral abode despite daughter North West's protests; the star's eldest daughter has called the place “ugly” on a number of occasions.

What interior style is timeless? ›

What interior design style is timeless? Generally, traditional style and mid-century modern are considered timeless, but especially understated traditional style spaces in a mostly neutral color palette. These are viewed as classic designs because they adapt well to evolving trends.

What is the golden rule in interior design? ›

The rule states that for the most balanced, appealing look, you should choose a three-colour palette for decorating a room, and use it as follows: Decorate 60% of the room with the dominant colour. Decorate 30% of the room with the secondary colour. Use the remaining colour as an accent in 10% of the space.

What style of decorating is most popular? ›

And the interior design style that reigned supreme? Modern farmhouse took the top spot with 32 states choosing the style over any other. The study found that it was most popular in Texas (searched an average of 8,647 times per month); Ohio (3,717 searches per month); and North Carolina (3,497 searches per month).

How do I find my design style? ›

How to Discover (and Name!) Your Interior Design Style
  1. Step 1: Think about color. ...
  2. Step 2: Look at so many pictures. ...
  3. Step 3: Browse in-person. ...
  4. Step 4: Play “This or That?” ...
  5. Step 5: Consider how you live. ...
  6. Step 6: Contemplate your comfort level. ...
  7. Step 7: Pick a style that feels right for you.
Feb 28, 2022

What style of furniture is popular in Florida? ›

Many end tables, coffee tables and other side furniture pieces feature wicker, rattan or exposed wood, which adds warmth to the room while giving it a coastal feel. Natural textures also can add a tropical feel, such as linen draperies or basket-weave wall coverings.

What is an old Florida style home? ›

Olde Florida home plans also known as Florida Cracker style, feature open and airy layouts and exude old-fashioned charm while providing all the comforts and amenities of a modern luxury home design. The Olde Florida architectural style conveys a relaxing and casual lifestyle.

What design style is Miami? ›

Also known as MiMo, the Miami Modern Architecture is an architectural style that can be seen in large Miami and resorts built near the Miami Beach. It was popularised by the architect Morris Lapidus through his Fontainebleau Hotel and Temple Menorah.

Does Florida State have interior design? ›

We provide students the knowledge necessary to pursue careers as interior designers who create functional,sustainable, and beautiful built environments that positively and equitably impact people and society.

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