50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (2024)

Florida is famous for itsbeaches, natural sceneries, and luxurious lifestyle. This East Coast is known for its natural beauty, called the Sunshine State for its abundant sunshine and generally warmer subtropical climate. It only would be natural that some ofinterior design’sbiggest talents are based in Florida. Discover the best interior designers from the sunny state.

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1. 2ID Interiors

Considered for their relevant and skilful approach to design, 2ID Interiors in Florida is an award-winning leading interior design firm servicing clients which are amongst today’s well-known names in professional industries and entertainment spanning across South Florida, the U.S., and around the world with projects in Canada, Europe, and Brazil.

2. A Joie Design

Since its inception, A Joie Design has designed a Nursery Room, Children’s Rooms, and playrooms along with their studio office, Doctors’ offices, salons, and just about every room in a home along with the occasional yacht.

3. Adache Group Architects

Headquartered in Ft Lauderdale, Florida with satellite offices in Pensacola, Florida and Beijing, China (Adache-Icon) along with strategic alliances in several states and countries, theAdache team, and their international network is proud of its past accomplishments resulting in hundreds of projects consisting of tens of thousands of hotel, resort, and multi-family residential units, and is recognized worldwide for their creativity, functionalism, energy efficiency, and quality service.

3. Adriana Hoyos

Adriana Hoyos is characterized by a unique style – timeless, warm and sophisticated – reflected in her interior and furniture design. During her career, which started more than 27 years ago, she has worked on hundreds of interior design projects and eleven furniture collections. The interior designer has been recognized as a leader in furniture and interiors, with a portfolio of residential, commercial and hotel projects for prominent individuals and corporations in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, the United Kingdom and France.

4. Alene Workman

Alene Workman Interior Designstands out for its focus on the art of design, as well as its complete respect for the client’s needs and vision for every project that they complete. Thismulti-award-winning firmstands out as an industry leader, where they deliver a full service within interior design and renovation. With 25 years of experience and knowledge,Alene Workman Interior Design studiooffers many innovative high-quality design solutions to impact your design project.

5. Alicia Weaver Design

Their mission is to create spaces that awaken your creative spirit and zest for life while instilling a sense of peacefulness and comfort one can only experience in a place that truly feels like home. Why? Because it exudes your personal style. Named afterAlicia Weaver, who has had an award-winning career in the high-end interior market, AWDis located in a namesake atelier serving as a custom home, commercial, hospitality, and yacht interiors studio, showroom, and office. Alicia and her childhood best friend, Keri Feeney, have made their dream to work together come true with the opening of their beautiful design studio. Along with their partner, Angelika Stuart, this team is among the best in the business.

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50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (7)
50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (8)
6. Artistic Interiors

Founded in 2004 by theinterior designer Andy Quinones, this magnificent interior design company is famous for its bespoke interiors. South Florida is the incredible host of thisdesign companyand is fully equipped with the latest and hottest technology, with the most incredibleteam of experts. They excel in their custom customer service, as well as their innovative ideas and timeless as well as exquisite designs.

7. Avanzato Design
50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (10)

With a full range of interior details and services for residential and commercial properties,Avanzato Designis a leading luxury with over 20 years of experience.Vincenzo Avanzatois the founder and his projects are known for bringing together the world’s finest tastes, styles andtrendsfor discerning clients.

8. B. Pila Design

This multi-awarddesign companyit’s a creative company created by thedesigner Bea Pila, who is passionate about bespoke interiors. Her design identity sits on the freedom of expression of every client within their own home. Space planning and furniture design are the most important aspects of this artist’s company. From modern interiors to minimalistic projects,Bea’s interior design companyalways adds some eccentric touches and personality to her designs.

9. Barbara Brickell Designs

MeetBarbara Brickell Designs, a full-service interior design studio that specializes in residential spaces, as well as the state-of-the-art treatment of personalized windows and automation. Through thisfantastic firm, the client won’t have to worry about the long process that this work takes, because this company guides the client all the way, paying attention to the most important details. Theirexquisite classicismprojects are all over Florida, where they capture the decor beautifully.

10.Beasley and Henley

Frominterior designers and interior detailers to project managers, thisfull-service interior design firmwas created by a team of incredible experts and professionals. Always delivering personalized customer service, their focus shares a concept on exquisite and modern projects, with the most incredible pieces of furniture. Achieving excellence in design,Troy Beasley and Stephanie Henleycommit to delivering the most incredible settings.

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Discover a brand-new interior design showroom, with 4,000 square meters, in Portugal


With over 24 years of experience, Carolina Keimig has been well known for her professional practice as an Interior Designer and Branding Creator for the finest Hotel brands and independent properties in North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean.

12. Bilkey Llinas Design

Committed to proving thebest luxury hospitality solutions,Bilkey LLinas Design(BLD) is dedicated to crossing the standard boundaries in thehospitality designindustry, with the help of the studio’s skilled architects and designers team. They strive to produce innovative concepts that appeal not only to the business traveller but also to the tourist and frequent travellers. The studio has worked with some of the best names in theluxury hospitalityindustry, including Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Shangri La, and Hilton.

13. Blue Ocean Interiors

FrancesHerrera has quickly become one of the topapproachable and coveted interior designers on the East Coast. Since establishing her design firm in New York City in 2002, she expanded her services throughout South Florida in 2012 becoming a premier Coastal Designer and Ft. Lauderdale’s most coveted interior designer. Her clients call her work chic and stylish, elegant and engaging, sophisticated, and original. While the spacesFrancesdesigns all share her distinctive coastal style, her clients say she helps them imagine their future and coordinate designs that provide an instant sense of pleasure and peace.

14. Britto Charette

David Charetteand Jay Britto have both spent the past decade designingluxury interiorsfor a variety of high-end clients. As principals ofBritto Charette, the duo has primarily designed residential spaces, although they also have several high-end retail and commercial spaces in their portfolio as well.

15.Brown Davis

Todd Davis and Rob Brownare the founders ofBrown Davis Interiors, a design firm established in 1994 that focuses on classic architecture and amazing craftsmanship. With a wide range of design projects, this luxurious company has designed two residences forPresident and Secretary of State Clinton,The British Embassyresidence projects with modern and classical architectural designs, as well as historic renovations. For each project, thedesign studiois 100% committed to the concept that is based on modern classicism and attention to detail.

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50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (20)
50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (21)
16.Captiva Interiors

This magnificent design firm, founded byBridget King, proudly stands out for its custom client service and attention to detail in every project. Their high-quality service and professionalism are of enormous value to every client that needs the help of professionals ininterior design. With multiple high-quality services, like real estate home staging, and interior decorating for residential homes and small offices,Captiva Design LLCkeeps impressing its clients with its fabulous design solutions.

17. Crespo Design Group

With high-profile projects in Florida, New York, Los Angeles and the Caribbean, Crespo Design Group has acquired a great reputation in the design world and a sophisticated, discerning and loyal clientele. The continuing success of the team has resulted in diverse work and a growing portfolio of recognition and achievement. Through their deep knowledge and expertise, CDG is able to capture the vision of their clients in their exceptional design solutions.

18. Darla Powell Studio

Darla brings a fun, genuine, down-to-earth approach to designing beautiful spaces. Since she launched her career in 2016, clients have fallen in love with her work, growing her business almost exclusively by word of mouth.

19. Dawnelise Interiors International

Founded in 1985 as a partnership between S. Marc Thee and Michael J. Abbott, the interior design firm has grown into 70 industry professionals. “The difference is in the detailsreflects their painstaking attention to detail not only in design but in the approach to customer service as well. DawnElise Interiors International, Inc.is an award-winning, full-service design firm working in both commercial and residential design. In their role as interior designers, it is their mission to help clients to understand their unique style and to express it while beautifying their surroundings.

20. De’Marti Design

De’ Marti Designis a full-service interior design firm offering a broad spectrum of high-quality services; leading in quality construction, installation, and finishes. De’Marti is considered to be among Miami’s top interior design firms.

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50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (27)
50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (28)
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21. Decorating Den Interiors

Interior decorating is this design firm’s passion. They love working with their clients to help them make their homes and lives more beautiful. When these interior designers come to your home, they will bring their portfolios and discuss your project with you. After they have determined the project scope and budget, they will go back to their studio and from their extensive array of products covering the home furnishings market ranging from classic traditional to modern contemporary, they will design your project. They will then have you come to their studio to see the completed design plan. They will show you samples of custom window treatments, bedding ensembles, floor covering, wall covering, accessories, lighting, upholstered furniture, and case goods so you don’t have to run around town!

22. DKOR Interiors

Thanks to their amazing team of famous interior designers, thisdesign firmfrom Florida, USA is among the top interior design studios in Miami. Following the simple mission of “Concept. Collaborate. Create.”,DKOR Interiorsdeliver luxurious and innovative homes that directly correlate to their client’s needs. Each project developed byDKOR Interiorsstarts with a concept and each concept is created from a very personal connection with their clients. Their first priority is to take the time to understand the individual needs of each client and apply them throughout the interior design creative process. The end result is a collaboration of everyDKORteam member coming together to create an authentic style and home identity for their clients to cherish for a lifetime.

23. Equilibrium Interiors

Equilibrium Interior Design Inc.offers a complete range of upscale interior design, planning, decorating, and project management services to exclusive private residential clients, developers, investors, and corporate firms. Discerning clientele seeking to build, renovate, or enhance their residential and commercial properties have looked exclusively to Equilibrium’s team for expert advice and guidance. They realize the importance of creating properties of superior quality, and qualified associates always add new value and ingenuity to each client’s project.

24. Fanny Haim & Associate

Fanny Haim, ASID, IDG, was born in Colombia and today lives in Miami, Florida. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, and later at the University of Miami. From architects to designers, the FH&A team provides the combined skill of multi-disciplined and talented design professionals. FH&A offers a full-service approach to all aspects of the design process – to residential, commercial and hospitality clients across the globe, including South Florida, China, New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico, Panama, Israel and more.

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25. GDC Luxury

GDC Luxury is a boutique interior design studio, growing fast thanks to the trust of their clients, hard work and most importantly the beauty and professionalism of the outcome of their projects. Their mission rests on creating interiors that are physically and psychologically comfortable, as well as beautiful and functional.

26. Hino Studio

Hino Studio is a Miami-based interior design firm founded in 2000 by Carola Hinojosa. Focused on masterful proportions, luxurious materials, and meticulous detailing, Hino Studio’s projects are recognized for their impeccable results.

27. Howard Design Group

HDG is an established interior architectural design firm with highly experienced designers. We have decades of experience in space planning and interior architecture, selecting FF&Es that transform any residential or commercial space. They are proud of the professional relationships they have nurtured and built with showrooms, vendors, and contractors over the years. Our office is located in Miami, Florida. However, we have worked on projects all around the country from Florida to Chicago to California.

28. IK Yacht Design, Inc.

IK Yacht Design is a one-of-a-kind “stop, dock and shop” furniture and accessories store located directly on the water. Walk through a 10,000 sq ft showroom filled with original artwork featuring marine artist Guy Harvey, and sculptures by Dale Evers and Kent Ullberg. Also see their large selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories, lighting, floral arrangements, china, bath accessories, sound systems, appliances, lamps, bedding and acrylic.

29. In Interior Designs

The owner of In Interior Design graduated from college having majored in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC in 1996. He has the experience to transform your residential or commercial project into a unique,modern, and beautiful interior.

30. Interiors by Design West Inc.

For more than 40 years, Design West has been defining five-star luxury and consistently elevating the client experience with a team of professional interior designers. They believe fashion isn’t just meant for the runway, and your home is an expression of your individual taste and lifestyle. That is why each client is given a hand-selected team of experienced designers and expert draftsmen to fit their project, style, personality and lifestyle. This allows clients and their styles to take centre stage, making each of our designs as unique as the people who inspire them.

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31. Interiors by Maite Granda

Meet Maite Grande, a Cuban-born designer that displays the most luxuriousinteriors, full of colour and texture. With Spanish culture and modernism atthe heart of her inspirations, her goal is to create the most amazing projects with maximum creativity and boundary-breaking. The designer’s signature style focuses on the perfect balance between the ultimate comfort, as well as design perfection.

32. J. Alexander Interiors

J. Alexander Interiors is a luxury residential and commercial interior design firm based in South Florida. They believe your home or business’s design reflects you; thus, it should fit your personal narrative. That’s why their approach to design will always keep your needs, style preferences, and personality a priority.

33. J. Design Group

J Design Group is an interior design company that shares a large number of projects,from hotels, restaurants, and hospitality installations, to luxury homes, throughoutFlorida, as well as other states in the United States, and other countries. The studio’s interior projects are completed with the most amazing settings and luxurious pieces of furniture. It doesn’t matter what type of space it is, this interior design company always delivers the most incredible projects, being one of the best interior designers in Miami.

34. Jerome H. Davis Interiors

With a family past surrounded by the furniture and design world, Amanda DavisCarreon found her passion for design very early. Her love for creating beautiful spaces and her functionality it’s a personal and professional goals. On her academic journey, the interior designer had the opportunity to explore that passion and worked for several high-end fashion retailers. Today, Amanda Davis Carreon carries her family legacy through the most amazing projects and settings.

35. Karen Lynn Interior Design

Since 1996, Karen Lynn Poulos has been engaged in the design industry and involved in projects designing interiors of luxurious yachts, gorgeous jets and a variety of types of interior design projects both locally and internationally. Since founding Karen Lynn Interiors in 2001, Karen Lynn’s commitment to excellence and integrity, and ultimately her client’s satisfaction and successful design projects, has blessed her with the amazing last 21 years in business.

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50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (48)
50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (49)
36. Laure Nell Interiors

Laetitia Laurent has always been inspired by Parisian artists such as LeonardoDa Vinci, Georges-Eugène Haussmann, Le Corbusier, and many others.Growing up in Paris factored into the interior designer’s passion, which massively contributed to the creation of her own interior design company.The designer’s identity conceptualizes as clean lines, organic materials,and thoughtfulness. Laetitia has been recognized as one of the 30 best interior designers to create an inspired vignette in Miami’s iconic Moore Building, as part of Housing Works’ esteemed event – Design on a Dime.

37. Lisa Gilmore Design

Lisa Gilmore, one of the Southeast’s leading luxury residential designers, is known for the customized one-of-a-kind interiors she creates for large-scale homes and condos in Tampa Bay and throughout North America. At Lisa Gilmore Design, we believe in Liveable Glamour. They know that your space – whether at home or work – should be a reflection of your unique personality and lifestyle; one that seamlessly merges a variety of elements. Lisa Gilmore Design captures your interior voice and makes it functional for your day-to-day life.

38. Luxe Design Group

Luxe Design Studios is a renowned and forward-leaning contemporary interiordesign firm, specializing in the design of modern residential, retail, and culturalprojects. Founder and creative director Nicholas DeJesu are known for his clear-cut,sophisticated style, bold new ideas, and strong point of view. He favours handsome,crisp lines, the use of neutrals and colour; new uses for natural materials; and the successful marriage of functionality and fine detailing. His ethos has always beento approach the design of space as one holistic vision. Admired for his relevantand keen understanding of architecture and design, his clients are some of themost well-known names in professional sports and entertainment.

39. Manhas Design

In contrast to the design that subscribes to a signature style, Manhas Design’s work reflects each individual project’s identity through design. From conceptual development through design documentation, the project’s uniqueness is developed and nurtured. This approach transcends stylistic trends and provides clients with designs that are timeless yet innovative. They are committed to serving their clients with the finest service and personalized attention. From conception through completion, they are with you each step of the way.

40. Meredith Marlow

Meredith Marlow’s Interiors has received acclaim and numerous industryaccolades. The spaces she designs are sophisticated, refined, and unique. They areboth softly modern and classically clean-lined. She states, “We are in the businessof beautiful spaces and pride ourselves on being able to interpret the uniquestyle of each of our clients. Customer experience is always number one. They see them as advocates for the client as we guide them through the process ofcreating beautiful and functional spaces.”

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41. Parlor Interiors

Parlor is a full-service interior design studio working in both Los Angeles andMiami. Working closely with their clients, the firm is proud to design-inspired spaces that are suited to the present while nodding toward the past and eyeing thefuture. Drawing on a broad knowledge of historic and contemporary design andarchitecture, their work is distinguished by the details and nuances that make anyspace feel elevated and unique.

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42. Pepe Calderin

Pepe Calderin Design is a Miami and New York-based interior design firm, that sits on the full service of high-end residential and commercial spaces. They share over 20 years of experience in the interior design world, expanding more and more each time, at an international level. This award-winning company shares a concept of freshness, energy, vision and modern essence. In every project they develop, they make sure to deliver the most eccentric and exquisite settings, without any boundaries imposed.

43. Piper Gonzalez Designs

Piper Gonzalez Designoffers custom interior design, project management, space planning, and construction oversight services to homeowners throughout South Florida. With over a decade of experience, Piper Gonzales Design help clients discover the true potential of their interiors through a collaborative and rewarding journey, unleashing a timeless and exquisite custom-designed home. Piper Gonzalez Designoffers diverse services, from bathroom, bedroom, and other rooms design to customizations of certain elements. This southFloridacompany has already been featured in City & Shore Magazine,Architectural Digest, M & V Magazine, Palm Beach Daily News, The Palm Beach Post, and SunSentinel.

44. Rob Bowen Design Group

Rob Bowenis currently recognized for being one of the most popular and promisingAmerican interior designers, known for his artistic approach regarding hisinterior design projectsthat can successfully transform a home’s point of view. We will be taking a look at a couple of hisinteriorsin order to figure out what makes hisdesign stylelook and feel special. That leads us to his firm –Rob Bowen Design Groupis a good example of a company that has successfully managed to become seen as a premier interior design resource in an industry that is getting more and more demanding.

45. Sarah Z Designs

Sarah Z Designsis a Miami interior design firm founded by Sarah Zohar. The American designer established her practice in 2009 and specializes in residential decor. The firm prides itself on delivering end-to-end projects while holding itself to the highest standards of excellence. Sarah Zohar’s firm has developed fantastic interior design projects, mainly in the Miami and Broward areas. However, their footprint extends itself throughout the East Coast of the United States, with projects in New York City, The Hamptons, and New Jersey. Even though the client’s style preferences are always on centre stage, throughout Sarah Z Designs’ projects there is a distinct refinement and luxuriousness that is always identifiable.

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46. Secret Bath

They are a family company located in Miami, Florida, specialising in modern bathroom accessories, bathroom vanities, and kitchen sinks. All our lines have been designed and manufactured in Spain or Portugal under a strict quality control process. New models and products such as bathroom accessory sets are added frequently so that we can offer the latest trends and styles in bathroom accessories design.

47. Sofia Joelsson Design

Sofia Joelsson Design is led by Sofia Joelsson, a Swedish Native that’s been makinga name for herself in Miami and in the United States. Her amazing interior designfirm stands out for her meticulousness and attention to detail method on everyproject. She perfectly combines her design identity with the vision and desire ofevery client. According to her website, “Her goal is to capture the essence oftheir dream home and deliver a complete environment that intersects luxurywith comfort, indulgence with wellness, and technology with simplicity”.

48. Studio 33 Interiors

Studio 33 Interiors, LLC. was founded in 2008 as a high-end “boutique design”firm with the purpose of bringing professional architectural design experience to the luxury markets. Their goal is to bring order, harmony, and beauty in design to the clients.

49. STA Architectural Group

At STA Architectural Group they build a team of exceptional Architects and Interior Designers who specialize in elegant, innovative design solutions. Todd and Isabel Tragash established the studio in 1985 in Miami Beach, and since its inception, STA has produced a diverse breadth of work spanning commercial, hospitality and residential projects.

50. VeniCasa

Venicasais a showroom that providesluxury furniture and lighting itemsfrom topEuropean brandsto theUnited States. Located inDania Beach, Florida,Venicasahas a wide range and variety of products frommodern to classic styles,where clients will be able to find a world of authentic home furniture from authentic and fineEuropeanfurniture brands. Offering luxuryEuropeanstyle at the highest quality,Venicasapresents furniture designed and crafted inItaly, Spain and Portugal. Known for their beauty and luxury, these design styles are always balanced and harmonious. Every line and every curve represent thoughtful design, linking form, function, and beauty.

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Stay with us to discover more about the best interior designers all over the world!
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50 Best Interior Designers In Florida (2024)


How much does Kelly Wearstler charge? ›

Kelly Wearstler is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics . The estimated speaking fee range to book Kelly Wearstler for your event is $50,000 - $100,000.

How much does a top interior designer charge? ›

Most interior designers charge for their time by the hour, anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on their experience. On average you can expect to pay $100 to $200 per hour, typically totaling around $5,200 in design fees, not including the cost of furniture.

Does Kelly Wearstler have a degree in interior design? ›

She graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art with a degree in interior and graphic design. Wearstler began her profession as a graphic designer but quickly transitioned to interior design.

How much does an interior designer charge per square foot in the US? ›

The national average cost of an interior designer per square foot is $5-$17 per square foot. The average cost for interior designer per room is $1,900-$12,000 per room, depending on the city in the United States.

What is Kelly Wearstler doing now? ›

She founded her own design firm Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (or KWID) in the mid-1990s, serving mainly the hotel industry, and now designs across high-end residential, commercial, retail and hospitality spaces.

Do Interior Designers need a license in Florida? ›

You must be registered as a registered interior designer to practice commercial interior design. You should contact the local city or county municipality to determine if an occupational license is required.

Do Interior Designers make good money in Florida? ›

Interior designers earn an average yearly salary of $56,020. Wages typically start from $30,160 and go up to $101,660.

How much does an interior designer cost in Miami? ›

The average cost to hire an interior designer is between $50-$200 per hour depending on location and expertise.

Who is the No 1 interior designer in the world? ›

1. Kelly Wearstler: Renowned for her bold and eclectic designs, Kelly Wearstler is a trailblazer in the world of interior design. Her work often features a mix of vibrant colors, unique textures, and luxurious elements, creating spaces that are both opulent and inviting.

Are interior designers millionaires? ›

Will I get rich doing interior design? If you get recognized in the area, yes. Not exactly rich, but you could probably make up to $200,00 a year. However, a bachelor's degree in interior design is necessary if you want to become successful.

What interior designer do the Kardashians use? ›

When Kourtney Kardashian purchased an 11,500-square-foot mansion in Calabasas, California from former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson, she enlisted Million Dollar Decorators' Martyn Lawrence Bullard to transform the Tuscan-style dwelling into a contemporary retreat more suited to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's ...

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